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This paper describes the collaborative creation of a corpus with coreference annotation for Portuguese. The annotation was performed using the coreference annotation CORP, and the editing tool CorrefVisual. The texts were automatically annotated and manually revised by Portuguese speakers. As a result a new corpus for coreference studies was produced for(More)
The task of Relation Extraction from texts is one of the main challenges in the area of Information Extraction, considering the required linguistic knowledge and the sophistication of the language processing techniques employed. This task aims at identifying and classifying semantic relations that occur between entities recognized in a given text. In this(More)
This paper presents Summ-it++, an enriched version the Summ-it corpus. In this new version, the corpus has received new semantic layers, named entity categories and relations between named entities, adding to the previous coreference annotation. In addition, we change the original Summ-it format to SemEval.
The task of Relation Extraction is one of the main challenges in Natural Language Processing. We present a review of the state-of-the-art for Relation Extraction in free texts, addressing the progress and difficulties of the area, and situating Portuguese in that frame. We discuss the different aspects related to this task, considering the main(More)