Sandra Brünken

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We present a clear detection of CH 2 in absorption towards the molecular cloud complexes Sagittarius B2 and W49 N using the ISO Long Wavelength Spectrometer. These observations represent the first detection of its low excitation rotational lines in the interstellar medium. Towards Sagittarius B2, we detect both ortho and para transitions allowing a(More)
Protonation of methane (CH4), a rather rigid molecule well described by quantum mechanics, produces CH5(+), a prototypical floppy molecule that has eluded definitive spectroscopic description. Experimental measurement of high-resolution spectra of pure CH5(+) samples poses a formidable challenge. By applying two types of action spectroscopy predicated on(More)
The age of dense interstellar cloud cores, where stars and planets form, is a crucial parameter in star formation and difficult to measure. Some models predict rapid collapse, whereas others predict timescales of more than one million years (ref. 3). One possible approach to determining the age is through chemical changes as cloud contraction occurs, in(More)
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