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Sudden dry-off is an established management practice in the dairy industry. But milk yield has been increasing continuously during the last decades. There is no information whether the dry-off procedure, which often results in swollen and firm udders, causes stress, particularly in high-producing dairy cows. Therefore, we evaluated the effect of a sudden(More)
Most measurements of udder pressure are based on devices connected to the gland cistern via cannulas. These devices are either inserted in the teat canal or surgically implanted into the udder tissue. In this study, instead of invasively measuring intramammary udder pressure, we measured the udder firmness noninvasively on the udder surface via a(More)
The objective of this study was to conduct a survey to gain insight into the organization of work processes on commercial German dairy farms analyzing the use of standard operating procedures (SOP). Practices and routines were surveyed regarding the existence, creation, and use of SOP. A total of 250 survey forms were returned, and 248 could be used for(More)
While laboratory tests for measuring the concentration of NEFA in serum are well established, a point of care test to determine NEFA on farm is not available. Several hand-held measuring devices, however, have been validated for measuring β-hydroxybutyrate (BHBA) in cattle or cholesterol, triglycerides (TAG), and high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in human(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of ketoprofen compared with ceftiofur hydrochloride for the treatment of acute puerperal metritis (APM). Specifically, we set out to compare the incidence of extended treatment (extT) between treatment groups, to determine the prevalence of purulent vaginal discharge (PVD) and milk yield on the first 3(More)
While dry cow management is important for health, milk production and fertility information on drying-off procedures implemented on commercial dairy farms is lacking. Current drying-off management procedures on commercial dairy farms were evaluated using a questionnaire and results compared with recommendations given in the current literature. Ninety-one(More)
In recent years, relationships between high milk yield at dry off, higher prevalence for new intramammary infections, and stress were evaluated. Considering increasing milk yield, dry off methods need to be refined to ensure udder health and animal welfare, especially in high-yielding dairy cows. The present work evaluated the effect of a single cabergoline(More)
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