Sandra Bergmann

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UNICORE is a European Grid Technology with more than 10 years of history. Originating from the Supercomputing domain, the latest version UNICORE 6 has turned into a general-purpose Grid technology that follows established standards and offers a rich set of features to its users. The paper starts with an architectural insight into UNICORE 6, highlighting the(More)
Individuals with social phobia fear negative evaluation, which is most directly signalled by an angry expression of the interlocutor's face. This study investigated the processing of 3 series of schematic emotional faces, which were morphed in 7 steps from a neutral face to an angry, happy, or sad face by systematically varying features of the mouth, eyes,(More)
By electron microscopic and immunobiochemical analyses we have confirmed earlier evidence that Nautilus pompilius hemocyanin (NpH) is a ring-like decamer (Mr = ∼3.5 million), assembled from 10 identical copies of an ∼350-kDa polypeptide. This subunit in turn is substructured into seven sequential covalently linked functional units of ∼50 kDa each (FUs a–g).(More)
By cDNA sequencing we have achieved the first, and complete, hemocyanin sequence of a bivalve (Nucula nucleus). This extracellular oxygen-binding protein consists of two immunologically distinguishable isoforms, here termed NnH1 and NnH2. They share a mean sequence identity of 61%, both contain a linear arrangement of eight paralogous, ca.50-kDa functional(More)
Marine seeps introduce significant amounts of hydrocarbons into oceans and create unusual habitats for microfauna and -flora. In the vicinity of chronic seeps, microbes likely exert control on carbon quality entering the marine food chain and, in turn, hydrocarbons could influence microbial community composition and diversity. To determine the effects of(More)
The development of new chemicals or pharmaceuticals is preceded by an indepth analysis of published patents in this field. This information retrieval is a costly and time inefficient step when done by a human reader, yet it is mandatory for potential success of an investment. The goal of the research project UIMA-HPC is to automate and hence speed-up the(More)
The development of new chemicals or pharmaceuticals is critically dependent on a prior in-depth analysis of the published patents in this field. This is a costand time-consuming step when done by a human reader. One specific goal of the research project UIMA-HPC is to automate and hence speed-up the process of data extraction in patents. Multi-threaded(More)
Finding information about annotated chemical reactions for drugs and small compounds is a crucial step for pharmaceutical industries. This data often is presented in form of unstructured documents (especially patents) and manual extraction of this information is a timeand cost inefficient effort. In our project UIMA-HPC [1], we describe the combined usage(More)
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