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Carney complex (CC) is a familial multiple neoplasia and lentiginosis syndrome, transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner. It is the only familial form of cardiac and skin myxomas known and includes endocrine neoplasms causing Cushing's syndrome [primary pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease (PPNAD)] and acromegaly (GH-producing adenoma). The molecular(More)
Carney complex is a multiple neoplasia and lentiginosis syndrome. Acromegaly due to growth hormone (GH)-producing adenomas has been considered the only pituitary-related manifestation of the complex. In the present study, seven patients with Carney complex, who belonged to three unrelated kindreds and had relatives with acromegaly, were investigated for the(More)
Benefit and risk assessments are not only important to regulatory authorities but also important to the providers, patients, pharmaceutical industry, and payers. In order for patients and providers to continue to have access to new innovative medicines, which have some level of inherent risk, it is critical to have a systematic and balanced focus on(More)
A 64-year-old black man presented with the syndrome of acanthosis nigricans and insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus requiring up to 3000 units of insulin per day. The patient's plasma contained circulating antibodies to insulin receptors thought to be responsible for the insulin resistance. The marked insulin resistance, the manifestations of acanthosis(More)
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