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This work takes advantage of the spectral projected gradient direction within the inexact restoration framework to address nonlinear optimization problems with nonconvex constraints. The proposed strategy includes a convenient handling of the constraints, together with nonmonotonic features to speed up convergence. The numerical performance is assessed by(More)
This paper is devoted to the eigenvalue complementarity problem (EiCP) with symmetric real matrices. This problem is equivalent to finding a stationary point of a differentiable optimization program involving the Rayleigh quotient on a simplex (Queiroz et al., Math. Comput. 73, 1849–1863, 2004). We discuss a logarithmic function and a quadratic programming(More)
We present a trust region method for minimizing a general diierentiable function restricted to an arbitrary closed set. We prove a global convergence theorem. The trust region method deenes diicult subproblems that are solvable in some particular cases. We analyze in detail the case where the domain is an Euclidean ball. For this case we present numerical(More)
We present a new algorithm for solving bilevel programming problems without reformulating them as single-level nonlinear programming problems. This strategy allows one to take profit of the structure of the lower level optimization problems without using non-differentiable methods. The algorithm is based on the inexact-restoration technique. Under some(More)
We deene a minimization problem with simple bounds associated to the horizontal linear complementarity problem (HLCP). When the HLCP is solvable, its solutions are the global minimizers of the associated problem. When the HLCP is feasible, we are able to prove a number of properties of the stationary points of the associated problem. In many cases, the(More)