Sandra A. Moody

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Understanding the potential impact of ozone depletion on terrestrial ecosystems is constrained by lack of information on the effects of environmentally realistic UV-B doses on terrestrial organisms other than higher plants. Increasing UV-B may alter interactions between plants and consumers through direct effects on consumer organisms (herbivores,(More)
The causal association between otitis media and viral upper respiratory tract infections (URI) suggests that early intervention during the course of a viral URI could prevent many episodes of otitis media. However, the feasibility of this approach can not be assessed at present since many aspects of the epidemiology and natural history of URI-associated(More)
A co-ordinated series of field experiments were conducted to consider the effects of elevated UV-B radiation applied directly to decomposing plant litter. Betula pubescens was decomposed under ambient and elevated UV-B (simulating a 15% ozone depletion) using outdoor irradiation facilities at Adventdalen, Norway (78° N), Abisko, Sweden (68° N), Amsterdam,(More)
Susceptible adults (n = 105) were enrolled into a randomized double-blind study of rimantadine treatment of experimental influenza A infection. Subjects were cloistered for 8 days and challenged with a rimantadine-sensitive strain of influenza A H1N1 virus at the end of the first day. Forty-eight hours after challenge and for 8 days, 54 subjects received(More)
OBJECTIVES Upper respiratory virus infection is associated with the expression of symptoms and signs of illness, and with the development of complications in anatomically contiguous structures. In most epidemiological studies, the frequency of the various complications is expressed as a fraction of the total population judged to be ill by report, signs, or(More)
An ultrahigh vacuum ion beamline and chamber have been assembled to produce hyperthermal (<400 eV) energy ions for studying hot electron chemistry at surfaces. The specific design requirements for this modified instrument were chosen to enable the exposure of a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) device to monoenergtic, well-collimated beams of alkali ions(More)
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