Sandra A. Mamrak

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End-to-end transport protocols continue to be an active area of research and development involving (1) design and implementation of special-purpose protocols, and (2) reexamination of the design and implementation of general-purpose protocols. This work is motivated by the perceived low bandwidth and high delay, CPU, memory, and other costs of many current(More)
To determine whether serum albumin levels, before first surgery, predict time until death, 24 glioblastoma multiforme patients newly diagnosed at Ohio State University and Cleveland Clinic Foundation Hospitals between 1993 and 1995 were followed until 1996. Patients with presurgical serum albumin levels below 3.4 mg/dL survived an average (median) of 62(More)
A description is given of the Integrated Chameleon Architecture, (ICA), a special software environment that automatically generates translation code, eliminating the error-prone process of writing and updating code, and enforces completeness in the high-level translator specification and correctness in the translated data. Two sets of translaters developed(More)
This paper presents the design of the Distributed Double-Loop Computer Network (DDLCN), which is a local-area distributed computing system that interconnects midi, mini and micro computers using a fault-tolerant double-loop network. Several new features and novel concepts have been incorporated into the design of its subsystems, viz., the reliable(More)