Sandor Dornbush

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Automobile traffic is a major problem in developed societies. We collectively waste huge amounts of time and resources traveling through traffic congestion. Drivers choose the route that they believe will be the fastest; however traffic congestion can significantly change the duration of a trip. Significant savings of fuel and time could be achieved if(More)
With close to 1.5 billion cellular handsets in use and worldwide sales last year of over 500 million units, mobile phones are by far the most prevalent mobile device. Second only to the mobile phone, the MP3 player is the most visible and influential mobile device. Candidates to convergence with the mobile phone, such as the SonyEricsson W800c Walkman,(More)
The XPod system, presented in this paper, aims to integrate awareness of human activity and musical preferences to produce an adaptive system that plays the contextually correct music. The XPod project introduces a “smart” music player that learns its user’s preferences and activity, and tailors its music selections accordingly. We are using a BodyMedia(More)
XPod automates the process of manually choosing music best suited for a user's current activity. The success of the initial implementation of XPod concepts provides the basis for further exploration of human- and emotion-aware mobile systems. Our current work is investigating the notion of closed loop emotion based mobile devices. Such new user experiences(More)
We describe ELVIS (the Ecosystem Location Visualization and Information System), a suite of tools for constructing food webs for a given location. We express both ELVIS input and output data in OWL, thereby enabling its integration with other semantic web resources. In particular, we describe using a Triple Shop application to answer SPARQL queries from a(More)
Traffic congestion is a multi-billion dollar national problem and is worsening every year with population growth and increase in freight traffic. We present a model for realistic simulation studies to mitigate congestion in urban areas using dynamic congestion pricing on express toll lanes. Specifically, we identify and address the design issues needed to(More)
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