Sandor C Buys

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The nesting behaviour of the solitary wasp Tachysphex inconspicuus (Kirby) was comparatively studied based on observations made in two environmentally distinct locations in southeast Brazil: upper portions of two sandy beaches and a dirt road in a forested area. Motor patterns related to nest construction were similar in all observed wasps, but some(More)
  • S C Buys
  • Revista de biología tropical
  • 2001
The last instar larva of Penepodium dubium is described from southeastern Brazil. This is the first description of an immature stage of the genus Penepodium. The larva of P. dubium is similar to those of Podium, but it can be distinguished from the species of this genus by the presence of depressions on the front and clypeus, and lack of brownish blotched(More)
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