Sandor Albrecht

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Context. The Rossiter–McLaughlin (RM) effect, a rotational effect in eclipsing systems, provides unique insight into the relative orientation of stellar spin axes and orbital axes of eclipsing binary systems. Aims. Our aim is to develop a robust method to analyze the RM effect in an eclipsing system with two nearly equally bright components. This gives(More)
Majorana zero modes are quasiparticle excitations in condensed matter systems that have been proposed as building blocks of fault-tolerant quantum computers. They are expected to exhibit non-Abelian particle statistics, in contrast to the usual statistics of fermions and bosons, enabling quantum operations to be performed by braiding isolated modes around(More)
Condensed matter physics is heavily dependent on the discovery of new materials, but also on new developments in materials control. A tremendously successful story is the Si/SiO 2 interface, which was driven by the desire to use the field-effect transistor, and also led to the discovery of the Quantum Hall effect. Similarly, the " Great Crystallographic(More)
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