Sandipan Gupta

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BACKGROUND Deformities or loss of the earlobe may be congenital, or acquired due to trauma, bites, burns or tumour excision. A variety of single-stage and two-stage procedures have been described for earlobe reconstruction, of which Gavello's procedure was one of the earliest. OBJECTIVE To revisit Gavello's procedure with reference to the vascular supply(More)
BACKGROUND Skin-sparing mastectomy (SSM) with immediate breast reconstruction (IBR), which traditionally includes the nipple-areola complex (NAC), is the modern way of improving the cosmetic and aesthetic outcome of advanced breast cancer surgery. However, with nipple and areola lacking, it fails to simulate the original breast. This study is directed at(More)
STUDY DESIGN Case series. PURPOSE To describe paraspinal transposition flap for coverage of sacral soft tissue defects. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE Soft tissue defects in the sacral region pose a major challenge to the reconstructive surgeon. Goals of sacral wound reconstruction are to provide a durable skin and soft tissue cover adequate for even large(More)
Neural network is information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous system process information like brain. It acts as a powerful modelling when the resulting outcome is unknown. In this paper we are using neural network in order to estimate most miscellaneous issues of software engineering such as testing, security etc. Neural(More)
The conditions like gynaecomastia and hypospadius are not uncommon. Approximately 40% of normal men have palpable breast tissue. Hypospadius affects in excess of 1 in 300 boys. But the two conditions together occur very rarely and that too in the siblings. Two brothers in the same family of 16 and 14 years of ages reported with the complaints of bilateral(More)
The concept of threshold condition factor (Fulton), beyond which more than 50% of the female fish population may attain readiness for spawning coined as pre-spawning fitness (K spawn50), has been proposed in the present article and has been estimated by applying the non-parametric Kaplan-Meier method for fitting survival function. A binary coding strategy(More)
INTRODUCTION Management of post burn contracture can be difficult, particularly for the axilla. Any handicap related to upper limb has a detrimental physical, psycohological, and economical effect. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have released 20 axillae in 16 patients. These patients had axillary contracture for long duration and 5 had been operated previously(More)