Sandip Sarin

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Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica of Bazex is a rare syndrome. This condition is a distinct skin marker of supra-diaphragmatic neoplasia. This syndrome is important because the cutaneous findings preceed the onset of symptoms referable to the underlying neoplasm by several months in majority of the cases. We report here a case of a 63-year-old cachectic female(More)
The ectodermal dysplasia, ectrodactyly, cleft lip/palate syndrome (EEC syndrome) is an autosomal dominant dysplasia syndrome, whose pleiotropic effects involve mainly ectodermal structures. The most common clinical manifestations are ectodermal dysplasia, ectrodactyly , cleft lip/palate, and tear-duct anomalies. Very rarely the ectrodactyly may be absent,(More)
In chromoblastomycosis, the lesions develop at the site of inoculation and usually restrict themselves to cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. Extracutaneous spread occurs rarely secondary to haematogenic and lymphatic dissemination. This report presents a case of chromoblastomycosis due to Fonsecaea pedrosoi with contiguous spread to the underlying bone in(More)
A 42 year old female with a body mass index of 47 presented to the general surgical outpatient clinic with a large apron of skin hanging from the anterior abdominal wall. This adversely affected her mobility and was prone to intertrigo. It was also complicated by the presence of a large ventral hernia with propensity for recurrent incarceration. Apronectomy(More)
The relationship between leprosy and HIV infection is not yet fully understood, as not much is known about the natural history of the co-infected patients. The matter has become more confusing because of conflicting reports. Type-1 lepra reactions and neuritis appear to be severe and more frequent among them. But erythema nodosum leprosum too is not as(More)
The tail pipe CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbon) emission characteristics of in-use petrol driven vehicles were evaluated between November 1996 through September 1997 in Delhi. A total of 4300 vehicles were checked at CRRI Pollution Checking Centre. Approximately 90% of the total vehicles meet the prescribed CO emission standards even without(More)
The clinical and histologic experience with 30 patients who had Lucio’s phenomenon, and pure and primitive diffuse lepromatosis (Latapi’s lepromatosis) has been reviewed. The unanticipated clinical findings were a male to female ratio of nearly 1:1, a 21 month median time of onset of erythema nodosum leprosum (Type 2 reaction) after starting antibacterial(More)