Sandip Samaddar

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Today network security, uptime and performance of network are important and serious issues in computer network. Anomaly is deviation from normal behavior affecting network security. Anomaly Extraction is identification of unusual flow from network, which is need of network operator. Anomaly extraction aims to automatically find the inconsistencies in large(More)
Copy number variation (CNV) is a form of structural alteration in the mammalian DNA sequence, which are associated with many complex neurological diseases as well as cancer. The development of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology provides us a new dimension towards detection of genomic locations with copy number variations. Here we develop an(More)
Session to session key variation is the only approach for achieving perfect security as per Shannon [1-2]. This paper deals with time variant key technique Automatic Variable Key (AVK) introduced by Bhunia[3-5] and we tried to analyze the performance of different types of new AVK techniques.
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