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Evaluation of vertical accuracy of open source Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
We evaluate open source DEMs (ASTER and SRTM) and their derived attributes using high postings Cartosat DEM and Survey of India (SOI) height information. Expand
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A study on abundance and distribution of mangrove species in Indian Sundarban using remote sensing technique
Conservation and management of Sundarban mangrove forest is difficult chiefly due to inaccessibility and hostile condition. Remote sensing serves as an important tool to provide up-to date baselineExpand
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A comparison of different regression models for downscaling Landsat and MODIS land surface temperature images over heterogeneous landscape
Abstract Remotely sensed high spatial resolution thermal images are required for various applications in natural resource management. At present, availability of high spatial resolution ( DS ) andExpand
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Characterizing the multi-risk with respect to plausible natural hazards in the Balasore coast, Odisha, India: a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) appraisal
Coastal zones are often prone to several natural hazards, and where the coastal zone has high population density and infrastructural assets, these hazards can render severe loss to both life andExpand
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Differential modulation of cellular antioxidant status in zebrafish liver and kidney exposed to low dose arsenic trioxide.
Zebrafish were exposed to a nonlethal dose (1/350LC50; 50µg/L) of As2O3 and sampled at 7, 15, 30, 60 and 90 days of treatment. The oxidative stress response was assessed in terms of time-dependentExpand
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A polyphenol rescues lipid induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes.
Skeletal muscle and adipose tissues are known to be two important insulin target sites. Therefore, lipid induced insulin resistance in these tissues greatly contributes in the development of type 2Expand
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Evaluation of topographic index in relation to terrain roughness and DEM grid spacing
Topographic index is an important attribute of digital elevation model (DEM) which indicates soil saturation. It is used for estimation of run-off, soil moisture, depth of ground water andExpand
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Combined effect of coal dust exposure and smoking on the prevalence of respiratory impairment among coal miners of West Bengal, India
Abstract Accelerating prevalence of coal workers pneumoconiosis is considered as a serious occupational health problem. This cross-sectional study was designed to determine the prevalence of lungExpand
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Spatio-temporal analysis of land use - land cover changes in Delhi using remote sensing and GIS techniques
Temporal land cover changes have a strong effect on the urban environment and its surroundings. In the present study, Delhi metropolitan area has been considered for the detection of land coverExpand
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Nutritional status and productivity of female tea pluckers of a tea garden in dooars, west bengal
AIMS: This study was proposed to investigate the association, if any, between nutritional status and work productivity in female tea pluckers of tea garden in Dooars, West Bengal. . METHODS: AllExpand
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