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1 Strength, durability and health monitoring aspects of composite overlays on civil engineering structures are discussed. The perspective and benefits of the repair, upgrade, retrofit, and rehabilitation of US civil infrastructure using composite overlays is briefly reviewed. Bond strength, durability, and in-service health monitoring are identified as(More)
s An approach is described for generating a secret key using polarized photons in quantum systems. A message is encoded and decoded by using code generated through the properties of Hadamard matrices. The algorithm uses the features of certain existing algorithms and makes the transmission of data through an insecure channel less vulnerable to various(More)
Use of short selling and derivatives is limited in most emerging markets because such instruments are not as readily available as they are in developed capital markets. These limitations raise questions about the value added provided by hedge funds, especially compared to traditional mutual funds active in these markets. We use five existing performance(More)
"Music can be used as a language communicable". Eric Sam's in his article "Musical Cryptography" has annotated various cryptographic techniques using music. Music and its attributes have been used in cryptography from early days. Musical symbols and musical notes have been used as substitution cipher. The algorithms applied to musical cryptography use(More)
Regression testing is time consuming and expensive activity in software testing. In Regression testing when any changes made to already tested program it should not affect to other part of program. Regression testing is crucial activities in software testing and maintenance phases. If some part of code is altered then it is mandatory to validate the(More)
Micro-machines are being used in more and more applications in our technology dependent lives and perhaps soon, like electronics, we shall not be able to live without them. Many of these micro-machines are applied in mission critical devices, like life sustaining medical devices, combat aircraft, airbags, and so on. It is critical that these devices are in(More)
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