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A genetic algorithm inspired by the inherent features of parallelism and time discreteness exhibited by quantum mechanical systems, is presented in this article. The predominant interference operator in the proposed quantum inspired genetic algorithm (QIGA) is influenced by time averages of different random chaotic map models derived from the randomness of(More)
In this paper, two meta-heuristics techniques have been employed to introduce two new quantum inspired meta-heuristic methods, namely quantum inspired genetic algorithm and quantum inspired particle swarm optimization for bi-level thresholding. The proposed methods use Otsu0s method, Ramesh0s method, Li0s method, Shanbag0s method and also correlation(More)
Image thresholding is well accepted and one of the most imperative practices to accomplish image segmentation. This has been widely studied over the past few decades. However, as the multi-level thresholding computationally takes more time when level increases, hence, in this article, quantum mechanism is used to propose six different quantum inspired(More)
It is becoming increasingly evident that a high degree of regulation is involved in the protein synthesis machinery entailing more interacting regulatory factors. A multitude of proteins have been identified recently which show regulatory function upon binding to the ribosome. Here, we identify tight association of a metabolic protein aldehyde-alcohol(More)
In this article, a Quantum Inspired Tabu Search for Multi-level thresholding for Colour Image has been developed to boost the possible effectiveness than that of its classical counterpart. The proposed algorithm has been applied to two true colour images to determine optimal threshold values at different levels using Otsu's method as an objective function.(More)
In this article, a variant quantum inspired genetic algorithm for the determination of the optimal threshold of gray-level images is presented. The proposed algorithm initiates with a population of randomly superposed trial solutions in the form of quantum bits. Subsequently, some deterministic nonlinear point transformations are applied on these solutions(More)
In this paper, two quantum behaved multi-objective optimization techniques, based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization, have been introduced. The proposed approaches are used to search optimal threshold values of gray scale images, by optimizing the non-dominated solutions using Li's method as objective function. These(More)
In this paper, we propose a new fault-tolerant distributed deadlock detection algorithm which can handle loss of any resource release message. It is based on a token-based distributed mutual exclusion algorithm. We have evaluated and compared the performance of the proposed algorithm with two other algorithms which belong to two different classes, using(More)