Sandip Bhattacharyya

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The pathogenesis of glucocorticoid-induced (GC-induced) bone loss is unclear. For example, osteoblast apoptosis is enhanced by GCs in vivo, but they stimulate bone formation in vitro. This conundrum suggests that an intermediary cell transmits a component of the bone-suppressive effects of GCs to osteoblasts in the intact animal. Bone remodeling is(More)
We discuss the generalization of recently discovered BPS configurations, corresponding to the planar string networks, to non-planar ones by considering the U-duality symmetry of type II string theory in various dimensions. As an explicit example, we analyze the string solutions in 8-dimensional space-time, carrying SL(3) charges, and show that by aligning(More)
We present a class of static membrane solutions, with non-flat worldvolume geometry, in the eleven dimensional supergravity with source terms. This class of solutions contains supersymmetric as well as a large class of non-supersymmetric configurations. We comment about near horizon limit and stability of these solutions and point out an interesting(More)
We study a three-dimensional gauge theory obtained from the dimensional reduction of a D4-brane worldvolume theory in the background of space-time moduli. An SL(3) symmetry in this theory, which acts on fields as well as coupling constants, is identified. By comparing the energies with the string tensions, we show that certain 1/2 supersymmetric classical(More)
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