Sandip Agarwala

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The scale, reliability and cost requirements of enterprise data centers require automation of center management. Examples include provisioning, scheduling, capacity planning, logging and auditing. A key component of such automation functions is online monitoring. In contrast to monitoring systems designed for human users, a particular concern for online(More)
Distributed systems are becoming increasingly complex, caused by the prevalent use of Web services, multi-tier architectures, and grid computing, where dynamic sets of components interact with each other across distributed and heterogeneous computing infrastructures. For these applications to be able to predictably and efficiently deliver services to end(More)
Runtime monitoring is key to the effective management of enterprise and high performance applications. To deal with the complex behaviors of today’s multi-tier applications running across shared platforms, such monitoring must meet three criteria: (1) fine granularity, including being able to track the resource usage of specific application behaviors(More)
Zinc deficiency decreased pollen viability in maize (Zea mays L. cv. G2) grown in sand culture. On restoring normal zinc supply to zinc-deficient plants before the pollen mother cell stage of anther development, the vegetative yield of plants and pollen fertility could be recovered to a large extent, but the recovery treatment was not effective when given(More)
The exposure of exponentially grown Escherichia coli K12 to 52 degrees C for 30 min in Tris/Mg2+ buffer resulted in a considerable loss of viability when plated on tryptone agar. When such heated bacteria were held at 37 degrees C for 2 h in tryptone broth before plating on tryptone agar, there was a significant increase in viability. Thus, heat damage was(More)
Iron is a constitulenit of the hemiie of catalase, cvtochroniie oxidase and peroxidase and( iron deficiency is kinow-n to del)ress iron l)orphyriln enzymlies ( 1. 3. 9. 14, 22, 27. 35). There is hardly any informiiationi onl the effect of iron supply on enzymes for which iron is not a cofactor. The work presented here was primarily carried out to(More)
Monitoring the resources of distributed systems is essential to the successful deployment and execution of grid applications, particularly when such applications have welldefined QoS requirements. The dproc system-level monitoring mechanisms implemented for standard Linux kernels have several key components. First, utilizing the familiar /proc filesystem,(More)
Service morphing is a set of techniques used to continuously meet an application’s Quality of Service (QoS) needs, in the presence of run-time variations in service locations, platform capabilities, or end-user needs. These techniques provide high levels of flexibility in how, when, and where necessary processing and communication actions are performed.(More)
The unprecedented volume of data generated by contemporary business users and consumers has created enormous data storage and management challenges. In order to control data storage cost, many users are moving their data to online storage clouds, and applying capacity usage reducing data transformation techniques like de-duplication, compression, and(More)