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Expertise in the automatic transcription of broadcast speech has progressed to the point of being able to use the resulting transcripts for information retrieval purposes. In this paper, we describe the Segmentation system used by Dragon Systems in the Segmentation task of the 1998 TDT evaluation, highlighting improvements made since the September 1998(More)
We explore the behavior of two different statistical models, one based on the beta-binomial distribution and another based on simple unigrams. We show that tracking systems based on these models have complementary strengths and weaknesses: the Beta-Binomial system yields high precision at high decision threshold, but performance quickly degrades as the(More)
During the LM95 workshop, the \parse group" explored ideas on improving the language model by incorporating linguistic structure of language. The group worked on 3 related activities during the summer: development of a new Hidden Tag Model for language, initial exploration of parsing switchboard transcripts, and development of keyword selection methods for(More)
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