Sandhya Viswanathan

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We provide an architecture for future wireless information services as a collection of autonomous cells which o er information services of widely varying geographic scope. Each MSS (Mobile Support Station) has the freedom to decide how to allocate di erent information services to its bandwidth and in which form to o er them. Two basic forms of delivery of(More)
While the concept of online profile directed dynamic optimizations using hardware performance monitoring unit (PMU) data is not new, it has seen fairly limited or no use in commercial JVMs. The main reason behind this fact is the set of significant challenges involved in (1) obtaining low overhead and usable profiling support from the underlying platform(More)
This paper applies Intel R © Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel R © TSX) to elide Java monitor locks. By utilizing the transactional execution capability inside a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), applications running on top of the JVM transparently benefit without source or bytecode modifications. While others have previously examined transactional(More)
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