Sandhya Sarwate

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Three-dimensional impedance maps (3DZMs) are virtual volumes of acoustic impedance values constructed from histology to represent tissue microstructure acoustically. From the 3DZM, the ultrasonic backscattered power spectrum can be predicted and model based scatterer properties, such as effective scatterer diameter (ESD), can be estimated. Additionally, the(More)
Three-dimensional impedance maps (3DZMs) are computational models of acoustic impedance of tissue constructed from histology images. 3DZMs can be analyzed to estimate model-based quantitative ultrasound parameters such as effective scatterer diameter (ESD). In this study, 3DZMs were constructed from normal and fatty rabbit livers. Estimates of ESD were made(More)
—The incidence of diagnosed thyroid cancer has increased significantly over the last decades. Although advances in ultrasonic imaging have increased the malignancy detection rate, current ultrasonic imaging markers do not provide a sufficient level of diagnostic accuracy to replace biopsy. Recent studies suggest that ultrasound parameters derived from(More)
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