Sandhya Saisubramanian

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To dissuade reckless driving and mitigate accidents, cities deploy resources to patrol roads. In this paper, we present STREETS, an application developed for the city of Singapore, which models the problem of computing randomized traffic patrol strategies as a defenderattacker Stackelberg game. Previous work on Stackelberg security games has focused(More)
In emergency medical systems, arriving at the incident location a few seconds early can save a human life. Thus, this paper is motivated by the need to reduce the response time – time taken to arrive at the incident location after receiving the emergency call – of Emergency Response Vehicles, ERVs (ex: ambulances, fire rescue vehicles) for as many requests(More)
We propose a determinization based approach to optimize the charging policies of an electric vehicle (EV) operating in a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) setting. By planning when to charge or discharge electricity from the vehicle, the long-term cost of operating the EV can be minimized, while being consistent with the owner’s preferences. For an EV operating under(More)
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