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Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD--http://www.hprd.org/), initially described in 2003, is a database of curated proteomic information pertaining to human proteins. We have recently added a number of new features in HPRD. These include PhosphoMotif Finder, which allows users to find the presence of over 320 experimentally verified phosphorylation motifs(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are increasingly being recognized as being involved in cancer development and progression in gliomas. METHODS Using a model cell system developed in our lab to study glioma progression comprising human neuroglial culture (HNGC)-1 and HNGC-2 cells, we report here that miR-145 is one of the miRNAs significantly downregulated(More)
Although there is intense activity towards identifying novel biomarkers for cancers, especially those for early detection , it is not clear whether we already have too many biomarkers described in the literature. Given that there is no central repository of data pertaining to any cancer, it is difficult to estimate if we have too many proteins described as(More)
MiRNA-34a is considered as a potential prognostic marker for glioma, as studies suggest that its expression negatively correlates with patient survival in grade III and IV glial tumors. Here, we show that expression of miR-34a was decreased in a graded manner in glioma and glioma stem cell-lines as compared to normal brain tissues. Ectopic expression of(More)
Support for negotiation is one of the more important research issues when developing agent systems utilized in e-commerce. While, depending on the type of the transaction, different negotiation procedures need to be utilized, only very few proposed frameworks are generic and flexible enough to handle multiple scenarios. This note presents negotiating(More)
Availability of a freely accessible, dynamic and integrated database for primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID) is important both for researchers as well as clinicians. To build a PID informational platform and also as a part of action to initiate a network of PID research in Asia, we have constructed a web-based compendium of molecular alterations in PID,(More)
— Data mining techniques are used to discover hidden information from large databases. Among many data mining techniques, association rule mining is receiving more attention to the researchers to find correlations between items or items sets efficiently. In distributed database environment, the way the data is distributed plays an important role in the(More)
— Being a multilingual country, Indian ancient and current literature is having quite a significant share for multilingual documents. The advancement of the computer technology has increased the online availability of such documents and hence the demand for identification, recognizing and retrieval of such documents has increased enormously. Current Optical(More)
— Temporal data mining is the extraction of knowledge from huge amounts of complex temporal database. Most research in this area has focused on efficient clustering algorithm for temporal database to analyze the complexity. In this paper we present clustering algorithms for temporal data mining that extends the current temporal data mining algorithms to(More)