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Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD--http://www.hprd.org/), initially described in 2003, is a database of curated proteomic information pertaining to human proteins. We have recently added a number of new features in HPRD. These include PhosphoMotif Finder, which allows users to find the presence of over 320 experimentally verified phosphorylation motifs(More)
Availability of a freely accessible, dynamic and integrated database for primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID) is important both for researchers as well as clinicians. To build a PID informational platform and also as a part of action to initiate a network of PID research in Asia, we have constructed a web-based compendium of molecular alterations in PID,(More)
Although there is intense activity towards identifying novel biomarkers for cancers, especially those for early detection , it is not clear whether we already have too many biomarkers described in the literature. Given that there is no central repository of data pertaining to any cancer, it is difficult to estimate if we have too many proteins described as(More)
Many data mining techniques are available to explore useful hidden information from large databases. Among these, association rule mining has wide applications to discover interesting relationships among attributes. The issue of privacy arises when the data is distributed among multiple sites and no site owner wishes to provide their private data to other(More)
IkappaB kinase (IKK), discovered as the major activator of NF-kappaB, plays additional roles in signaling. By using mouse embryo fibroblasts (MEFs) lacking both the alpha and beta subunits of IKK, we find that these proteins are required for induction of a major subset of IFNgamma-stimulated genes and that this requirement is independent of NF-kappaB(More)
Acquisition of milk production capabilities by an ancestor of mammals is at the root of mammalian evolution. Milk casein micelles are a primary source of amino acids and calcium phosphate to neonates. To understand the role of kappa-casein in lactation, we have created and characterized a null mouse strain (Csnk-/-) lacking this gene. The mutant(More)
— Data mining techniques are used to discover hidden information from large databases. Among many data mining techniques, association rule mining is receiving more attention to the researchers to find correlations between items or items sets efficiently. In distributed database environment, the way the data is distributed plays an important role in the(More)
— Low-power wireless networks are an exciting research direction in sensing and widespread figuring out/calculating. Prior security work in this area has focused mostly on denial of communication at the routing or medium access control levels. This paper explores useful thing/valuable supply using everything up (completely) attacks at the routing rules of(More)
A comprehensive in vitro study involving antiglycation, antioxidant and anti-diabetic assays was carried out in mature fruits of strawberry. The effect of aqueous extract of mature strawberry fruits on glycation of guanosine with glucose and fructose with or without oxidizing entities like reactive oxygen species was analyzed. Spectral studies showed that(More)