Sandhya Ramakrishnan

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" We must look ahead at today's radical changes in technology, not just as forecasters but as actors charged with designing and bringing about a sustainable and acceptable world. New knowledge gives us power for change: for good or ill, for knowledge is neutral. The problems we face go well beyond technology: problems of living in harmony with nature, and(More)
Short sections of text, not to exceed three paragraphs, may be quoted without written permission provided that full attribution is given to the source and the above copyright notice is included. PPIC does not take or support positions on any ballot measure or on any local, state, or federal legislation, nor does it endorse, support, or oppose any political(More)
This paper seeks to advance our understanding of local government ordinances on issues related to unauthorized immigrant residents including day labor markets, housing, unlicensed businesses, and cooperation with federal immigration authorities. We attempt to answer the question of why such ordinances are considered, passed, or fail to pass in some areas(More)
The effects of cyclic hydrostatic pressure on chondrocytes in an alginate substrate. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. James Martin. Without his generous support from the Orthopaedic Biology lab, I would not have been able to pursue the work presented here, nor the future opportunities that a graduate education can provide. Thanks, Jim.(More)
BACKGROUND Climate change is significant and an emerging threat to public health. The climate change-related health consequences of diarrheal diseases and malaria are projected to pose the largest risks to future populations. This study provides an initial estimate of the cost of intervention to cope with the health impacts of climate change in 2030 on(More)
This paper analyzes various issues in building a HMM based multilingual speech recognizer for Indian languages. The system is originally designed for Hindi and Tamil languages and adapted to incorporate Indian accented Eng-lish. Language-specific characteristics in speech recognition framework are highlighted. The recognizer is embedded in information(More)
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