Sandhya R Dungdung

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A motility inhibiting factor (MIF) in sperm plasma membrane of mammalian spermatozoa (goat) has been demonstrated. This factor has been purified to apparent homogeneity by Sepharose-6B affinity chromatography and DEAE-cellulose ion-exchange chromatography. The molecular weight of the isolated factor has been estimated as 98 kDa by molecular sieving and(More)
Numerous reports have appeared on the occurrence of undefined protein factors in male reproductive fluids that promote motility of mature sperm and initiate forward motility in the immature (immotile) caput-epididymal sperm. This study reports for the first time purification to apparent homogeneity of a motility initiating protein (MIP) from epididymal(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunctions generating from cerebral ischemia-reperfusion exert a potential threat on neuronal cell survival and hence, accelerate the aging process and age dependent neuropathology. Thirty min moderate cerebral ischemia induced by bilateral common carotid artery occlusion (BCCAO) followed by 30 min reperfusion caused an increased diene(More)
The methanol extract (ME) and the n-butanol fractions of methanolic extract of Alstonia macrophylla Wall ex A. DC leaves were investigated on the forward motility (FM) of mammalian (goat and human) spermatozoa. The ME at 600 microg mL-1 as well as fraction B at 100 microg mL-1 concentrations showed marked inhibition of sperm FM in both goat and human(More)
Testicular immotile sperm undergo maturation during epididymal transit when these cells pass through caput, corpus, and cauda-epididymal regions. Maturing goat spermatozoa specifically at the distal corpus epididymal stage show head-to-head autoagglutination when incubated in vitro in a modified Ringer's solution. Here, we show the biochemical mechanism of(More)
Chronic arsenic exposure causes oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in the liver and brain. The ideal treatment would be to chelate arsenic and prevent oxidative stress. meso-2,3-Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) is used to chelate arsenic but its hydrophilicity makes it membrane-impermeative. Conversely, quercetin (QC) is a good antioxidant with(More)
Several studies have been reported on the occurrence of sperm motility inhibiting factors in the male reproductive fluids of different mammalian species, but these proteins have not been adequately purified and characterized. A novel sperm motility inhibiting factor (MIF-II) has been purified from caprine epididymal plasma (EP) by Hydroxylapatite gel(More)
Leishmaniasis threatens more than 350 million people worldwide specially in tropical and subtropical region. Antileishmanial drugs that are currently available have various limitations. The search of new drugs from natural products (plants, animals) possessing antileishmanial activity is ventured throughout the world. The present study deals with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and characterize a novel sperm motility-stimulating protein (MSP) from caprine serum. DESIGN Prospective experimental study. SETTING Research laboratory. ANIMAL(S) Rabbits and male and female BALB/c mice. INTERVENTION(S) Protein purification by conventional methods and functional and immunological characterization. MAIN(More)
Previously we have purified and characterized a unique plasma membrane-specific cyclic AMP-independent ecto-protein kinase (ecto-CIK) as well as its ecto-phosphoprotein substrate (MPS) using caprine sperm model. This study reports for the first time the role of the sperm external surface protein phosphorylation system on sperm acrosome reaction, which is(More)