Sandhya Narayan

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This paper presents details of our preliminary study of how Hadoop can control its network resources using OpenFlow in order to improve performance. Hadoop's distributed compute framework called MapReduce, exploits the distributed storage architecture of Hadoop's distributed file system HDFS to deliver scalable, reliable parallel processing services for(More)
Hadoop has emerged as an important platform for data intensive computing. The shuffle and sort phases of a MapReduce computation often saturate top of the rack switches, as well as switches that aggregate multiple racks. In addition, MapReduce computations often have "hot spots" in which the computation is lengthened due to inadequate bandwidth to some of(More)
A major factor in determining the effectiveness of caching in wireless networks is the cache coherency scheme which maintains consistency between mobile stations (MSs) and the server. Since the wireless channel is inherently a broadcast medium, an appropriate cache coherency scheme is one in which the server broadcasts cache invalida-tion reports (IRs) that(More)
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