Sandford Bessler

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We present the software architecture of an open source Traffic Engineering (TE) toolbox and a set of TE methods that we have designed. These methods cover intra-domain and inter-domain TE, IP-based and MPLS-based TE. They are suitable for network optimisation, better routing of traffic for providing QoS, load balancing, protection and restoration in case of(More)
The publish/subscribe paradigm is a common concept for delivering events from information producers to consumers in a decoupled manner. Some approaches allow the transportation of events even to mobile subscribers in a dynamic network infrastructure. Additionally, durable subscriptions are guaranteed exactly-once message delivery, despite periods of(More)
Auction mechanisms have recently gained increasing attention as an alternative approach for pricing Internet resources. For the case of divisible commodities over single links, Generalized Vickrey Auctions (GVA) are already a well-established standard mechanism, whereas an abundance of unsolved problems is related to the generalization of GVAs in space and(More)
Location, presence and messaging services provide the essential ingredients for emerging information and communications services. Nevertheless, the users are concerned about revealing their actualized location, presence or contact address information, especially to non-trusted third party applications. In this paper we propose a privacy architecture to(More)
Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), Donaucitystr. 1, A-1220 Vienna, Austria IBK, Vienna University of Technology, Favoritenstr. 9/388, A-1040 Vienna, Austria INTHFT, Vienna University of Technology, Gusshausstr. 25-29/389, A-1040 Vienna, Austria Mobilkom Austria AG & Co KG, Obere Donaustr. 29, A-1020 Vienna, Austria Alcatel Austria AG,(More)
We describe a policy management environment (PME) for the Semantic Web and show its added value compared to existing policy-related developments. In particular, we detail a part of the PME, the policy acquisition tool that enables non-expert users to create and modify semantic policy rules. The implementation of such a policy editor has at its core a(More)
Influenced by the success of web service technologies for the development and deployment of IT services, the telecommunications R&D community starts adapting and building similar service delivery platforms, trying to manage the hard constraints of telco domains, such as: existence of heterogeneous protocols, extensive use of asynchronous communications and(More)