Sander P van Ijsselmuide

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Although northern bottlenose whales were the most heavily hunted beaked whale, we have little information about this species in its remote habitat of the North Atlantic Ocean. Underwater anthropogenic noise and disruption of their natural habitat may be major threats, given the sensitivity of other beaked whales to such noise disturbance. We attached(More)
Reliable localization of marine mammals using towed arrays is often required for mitigation, population density estimates, and bioacoustics research. The accuracy of the range estimates using towed arrays is often not well quantified. Triangulation methods using multiple hydrophones allow for fast range estimates but are sensitive to the species type,(More)
In mitigating the risk of sonar operations, the behavioral response of cetaceans is one of the major knowledge gaps that needs to be addressed. The 3S-Project has conducted a number of controlled exposure experiments with a realistic sonar source in Norwegian waters from 2006 to 2013. In total, the following six target species have been studied: killer,(More)
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