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Due to excessive and inappropriate use of dewormers anthelmintic resistance has developed as a significant problem in horse parasites in the Netherlands. Since it is unlikely that new classes of anthelmintics against horse nematodes will be introduced in the near future, it is important to use the present drugs wisely. Veterinarians should advice horse(More)
PURPOSE This study was aimed at extending the evaluation of a special microswitch for vocalization responses with two persons with multiple disabilities. METHOD The study was carried out according to an ABAB sequence (with A representing baseline and B treatment) with one person, and an AB sequence with the other person. Activation of the microswitch(More)
As current technology lacks a significant level of sustainability, focus is more and more on alternative technologies such as fuel cells, biomass conversion, and photovoltaics. However, it is often unclear whether the large-scale application of these ‘sustainable’ technologies is feasible and indeed more sustainable than current technological solutions.(More)
The anisotropic self-diffusion of molecular hydrogen in the multiple cage clathrasil losod (LOS) is modeled by means of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of up to 1 micros for the temperature range 900-1200 K while treating the framework as fully flexible. The LOS diffusion tensor is calculated employing an analytical method based on hopping rates. The(More)
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