Sander J Breiner

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The sexual and marital history of China for 3000 year is reviewed, indicating a general open humanistic attitude about sex, with little perversion, sado-masochism, or denigration of sexuality. Foot fetishism (particularly foot binding) has been extensive in the past, but less so since World War I. Respect for women and their sexual rights and importance has(More)
Forensic Psychiatry Background I have testified in court in a variety of cases for the claimant or the defendant. The cases have been varied from minor personal issues to murder cases; from minor financial situations to those involved in major financial litigations. My testimony has been in In many states and countries, and in a variety of venues, I have(More)
A psychiatrist compares his direct observations of child rearing in China with reports from other Western professionals. He differs from them in interpreting what all of them saw. He stresses the discripancy between psychiatric knowledge in the cities and absence of it among the teachers in the provinces. He distinguishes between contented children, and(More)
From ancient times to the present the abuse of women and children has occurred in societies that have had a structure hostile to other societies (e.g., war is glorified), hostile punitive attitudes to its own population (e.g., few civil liberties and rejection of the underclass), and depreciation of women. The psychological characteristics of the abusers(More)
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