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Majorizing Measures for the Optimizer
We give an algorithmic proof of the majorizing measures theorem based on two parts: We make the simple (but apparently new) observation that finding the best majorizing measure can be cast as a convex program. Expand
New FPT algorithms for finding the temporal hybridization number for sets of phylogenetic trees
We study the problem of finding a temporal hybridization network for a set of phylogenetic trees that minimizes the number of reticulations. Expand
On the Integrality Gap of Binary Integer Programs with Gaussian Data
We prove that, with high probability, the integrality gap IPGAP is small, i.e., it depends only polynomially on $m$ instead of exponentially. Expand
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Using the slice rank for finding upper bounds on the size of cap sets
The cap set problem consists of finding the maximum size cap sets, i.e. sets without a 3-term arithmetic progression in F₃. In this thesis several known results on the behavior of this number as n →Expand