Sander Bockting

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Learning to rank is an increasingly important scientific field that comprises the use of machine learning for the ranking task. New learning to rank methods are generally evaluated on benchmark test collections. However, comparison of learning to rank methods based on evaluation results is hindered by nonexistence of a standard set of evaluation benchmark(More)
To my parents, who have always supported me. Summary Current popular web search engines, such as Google, Live Search and Yahoo!, rely on crawling to build an index of the World Wide Web. Crawling is a continuous process to keep the index fresh and generates an enormous amount of data traffic. By far the largest part of the web remains unindexed, because(More)
Studies on information retrieval for children are not yet common. As young children possess a limited vocabulary and limited intellectual power, they may experience more difficulty in fulfilling their information need than adults. This paper presents an image retrieval user interface that is specifically designed for children. The interface uses relevance(More)
In this paper, a preliminary model is proposed for a semantic translation service using ontologies. Messages can be encoded using an ontology. The model provides the user with the interfaces and tools to translate these messages using ontologies and mappings, that can be pointed out by the user. Currently, all techniques exist to actually build such a(More)
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