Sandeep Uttamchandani

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Effectiveness and tradeoffs of deduplication technologies are not well understood -- vendors tout Deduplication as a "silver bullet" that can help any enterprise optimize its deployed storage capacity. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive taxonomy and experimental evaluation using real-world data. While the rate of change of data on a day-to-day basis(More)
Enterprise applications typically depend on guaranteed performance from the storage subsystem, lest they fail. However, unregulated competition is unlikely to result in a fair, predictable apportioning of resources. Given that widespread access protocols and scheduling policies are largely best-effort, the problem of providing performance guarantees on a(More)
Exponential growth in storage requirements and an increasing number of heterogeneous devices and application policies are making enterprise storage management a nightmare for administrators. Back-of-the-envelope calculations, rules of thumb, and manual correlation of individual device data are too error prone for the day-today administrative tasks of(More)
Storage management is becoming the largest component in the overall cost of storage ownership. Most organizations are trying to either consolidate their storage management operations or outsource them to a storage service provider (SSP) in order to contain the management costs. Currently, there do not exist any planning tools that help the clients and the(More)
The designers of clustered file systems, storage resource management software and storage virtualization devices are trying to provide the necessary planning functionality in their products to facilitate the invocation of the appropriate corrective actions in order to satisfy user specified service level objectives (SLOs). However, most existing approaches(More)