Sandeep T T Laroia

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The endothelium is a dynamic organ and responds to various physical and humoral conditions. The endothelium secretes several biologically active substances, both vasoconstrictors and vasodilators, which control these processes. Endothelial function is most commonly assessed as the vasodilatory response to stimuli. Several endothelium-dependent agonists have(More)
Thyroid disorder is a well-recognized side effect of amiodarone therapy. Thyrotoxicosis is less common than hypothyroidism. Hypokalemic periodic paralysis is one manifestation of thyrotoxicosis, and is more often seen in Oriental and Latin American men than in other demographic groups. This phenomenon, however, has not been previously described in(More)
Recent state-of-the-art computed tomography and improved three-dimensional (3-D) postprocessing techniques have revolutionized the capability of visualizing airway pathology, offering physicians an advanced view of pathology and allowing for appropriate management planning. This article is a comprehensive review of trachea and main bronchi imaging, with(More)
The examination of Prussian-blue-stained bone marrow aspirates for the presence or absence of histiocytic iron granules has been considered the gold standard in evaluating iron-depeleted states. We performed this study to evaluate the predictive accuracy of absent stainable bone marrow iron for iron deficiency anemia (IDA). A retrospective study was(More)
As the prevalence of liver cancer increases, so does the demand for nonsurgical, minimally invasive alternatives to surgery, since many patients have tumors that cannot be surgically resected. Catheter-based hepatic arterial procedures may be an option in patients with primary and metastatic liver cancer. The authors describe four catheter-based hepatic(More)