Sandeep Somani

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We present an approximation to a molecule's N-dimensional conformational probability density function (pdf) in terms of marginal pdfs of highest order l, where l is much less than N. The approximation is constructed as a product of conditional pdfs derived by recursive application of the generalized Kirkwood superposition approximation. Furthermore, an(More)
The free energy of a molecular system can, at least in principle, be computed by thermodynamic perturbation from a reference system whose free energy is known. The convergence of such a calculation depends critically on the conformational overlap between the reference and the physical systems. One approach to defining a suitable reference system is to(More)
The superposition approximations (SAs), first proposed in the distribution function theories of liquids, are a family of approximations to a multivariate probability distribution function (pdf) in terms of its lower order marginal pdfs. In this talk, we first present the relationship between various forms of SA, the measurement of correlation via mutual(More)
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