Sandeep Saxena

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Eukaryotic cells control the initiation of DNA replication so that origins that have fired once in S phase do not fire a second time within the same cell cycle. Failure to exert this control leads to genetic instability. Here we investigate how rereplication is prevented in normal mammalian cells and how these mechanisms might be overcome during tumor(More)
A 21-base pair RNA duplex that perfectly matches an endogenous target mRNA selectively degrades the mRNA and suppresses gene expression in mammalian tissue culture cells. A single base mismatch with the target is believed to protect the mRNA from degradation, making this type of interference highly specific to the targeted gene. A short RNA with mismatches(More)
Anxiety and depression are major chronic mood disorders, and the etiopathology for each appears to be repeated exposure to diverse unpredictable stress factors. Most of the studies on anxiety and related mood disorders are performed in rodents, and a good model is chronic unpredictable stress (CUS). In this study, we have attempted to understand the(More)
Geminin is a cellular protein that associates with Cdt1 and inhibits Mcm2-7 loading during S phase. It prevents multiple cycles of replication per cell cycle and prevents episome replication. It also directly inhibits the HoxA11 transcription factor. Here we report that geminin forms a parallel coiled-coil homodimer with atypical residues in the dimer(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer oesophagus is common in India and is the third leading cause of cancer death in males and fourth in females. Various factors are responsible for it and present study was undertaken to study the various risk factors with stress on nutritional factors associated with it. METHODS Ninety-four cases of oesophagus cancer and matched equal(More)
A cell limits its DNA replication activity to once per cell division cycle to maintain its genomic integrity. Studies in a variety of organisms are elucidating how these controls are exercised. Key amongst these is the regulation of replication initiator proteins such as Cdt1. Cdt1 is present in cells in G1 phase where it is required for initiation of(More)
PURPOSE To develop and standardize a universally acceptable new staging system for idiopathic retinal periphlebitis (Eales disease). METHODS A new staging system was established and standardized based on standard terminology and features. Idiopathic retinal periphlebitis was classified as peripheral and central types. Peripheral disease consisted of four(More)
When mammalian cells experience radiation insult, DNA replication is stalled to prevent erroneous DNA synthesis. UV-irradiation triggers proteolysis of Mcm10, an essential human replication factor, inhibiting the ongoing replication. Here, we report that Mcm10 associates with E3 ubiquitin ligase comprising DNA damage-binding protein, DDB1, cullin, Cul4 and(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems are capable to use query for visually related images by identifying similarity between a query Image and those in the image database. The CBIR Systems can be classified broadly into two classes as Low-level feature based system and High level Semantic feature based system. Image contents are plays significant(More)