Sandeep Sachdeva

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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and determinants of xerophthalmia among children aged 0-60 months . METHODS This cross-sectional study included 3571 children under 5 years of age from six villages and four periurban areas. Children with xerophthalmia were identified and severity graded using the WHO classification. The main outcome measures were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine body image satisfaction among newly entrant women students in a professional institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study using body image satisfaction described in words was undertaken, which also explored relationship with body mass index (BMI) and other selected co-variables such as socio-demographic details,(More)
Synthesis and antimalarial activities of N8-(4-amino-1-methylbutyl)-5-alkoxy-4-ethyl-6-methoxy-8-quinolinamines (5) and their pro prodrug analogues (6-7) prepared by covalently linking 5 to the redox-sensitive (8) and esterase-sensitive (9) linkers through the amide linkage are reported. The most effective 8-quinolinamines [5c (R=C5H11) and 5f (R=C8H17)](More)
Chronic urticaria (CU) is a disturbing allergic condition of the skin. Although frequently benign, it may sometimes be a red flag sign of a serious internal disease. A multitude of etiologies have been implicated in the causation of CU, including physical, infective, vasculitic, psychological and idiopathic. An autoimmune basis of most of the 'idiopathic'(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy occur in women with preexisting primary or secondary chronic hypertension, and in women who develop new-onset hypertension in the second half of pregnancy. The present study was undertaken to study the prevalence and correlates of hypertension in pregnancy in a rural block of Haryana. MATERIALS AND(More)
To eliminate an unwarranted metabolic pathway of the quinoline ring, a set of two compounds, where C-2 position of the antimalarial drug primaquine is blocked by metabolically stable bulky alkyl group are synthesized. Compound 2 [R = C(CH(3))(3)] of the series has produced excellent antimalarial efficacy against P. berghei and highly virulent(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the various factors affecting endothelial function in essential hypertensives and to establish a relation between them in a regression model. Also, the micro-inflammatory state that is known to exist in essential hypertension was evaluated. Sixty newly detected patients of essential hypertension not on any prior(More)
Childhood blindness and visual impairment are as important and perhaps more devastating and disabling than adult onset blindness, because of the long span of life still remaining to be lived. Refractive errors and more particularly myopia, place a substantial burden on the individual and society. School-age children constitute a particularly vulnerable(More)