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Synthesis and antimalarial activities of N8-(4-amino-1-methylbutyl)-5-alkoxy-4-ethyl-6-methoxy-8-quinolinamines (5) and their pro prodrug analogues (6-7) prepared by covalently linking 5 to the redox-sensitive (8) and esterase-sensitive (9) linkers through the amide linkage are reported. The most effective 8-quinolinamines [5c (R=C5H11) and 5f (R=C8H17)](More)
OBJECTIVE To determine body image satisfaction among newly entrant women students in a professional institution. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study using body image satisfaction described in words was undertaken, which also explored relationship with body mass index (BMI) and other selected co-variables such as socio-demographic details,(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of global developmental delay among children under 3 years of age and study the determinant factors. METHODS Cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in field practice areas of the Department of Community Medicine, JN Medical College, Aligarh, India. A total of 468 (243 boys and 225 girls) children aged 0-3(More)
Crescentic nephritis can be a manifestation of Lupus Nephritis. It usually presents with rapid deterioration of renal functions over days to weeks with an active urinary sediment and confers a poor prognosis. Nephrotic range proteinuria is rare in crescentic nephritis. We present an interesting case of (crescentic) Diffuse Proliferative Lupus Nephritis(More)
Thirteen new analogues (32-40, 45-48) of recently discovered potent blood-schizontocidal antimalarial agent, 2-tert-butylprimaquine (2) are synthesized and evaluated for in vivo antimalarial activities against drug-sensitive P. berghei strain and multi-drug resistant P. yoelii nigeriensis strain. Two of the amino acid conjugates (47-48) have exhibited(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnant women inhabiting urban slums are a "high risk" group with limited access to health facilities. Hazardous maternal health practices are rampant in slum areas. Barriers to utilization of health services are well documented. Slums in the same city may differ from one another in their health indicators and service utilization rates. The(More)
CDMA (code division multiple access), OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) and UWB (ultra wide band) are t h e most developing technologies in modern mobile communication. OFDM is a parallel transmission scheme, where a high – rate serial data stream is split up into a set of low – rate sub streams, each of which is modulated on a separate(More)
Chronic urticaria (CU) is a disturbing allergic condition of the skin. Although frequently benign, it may sometimes be a red flag sign of a serious internal disease. A multitude of etiologies have been implicated in the causation of CU, including physical, infective, vasculitic, psychological and idiopathic. An autoimmune basis of most of the 'idiopathic'(More)