Sandeep S. Vansal

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Ephedrine and its alkaloids are used for the treatment of asthma, nasal congestion, and obesity. Ephedrine, with two chiral centers, exists as four isomers that exhibit direct and indirect effects on both alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors (AR). Our main goal was to study the direct effects of the ephedrine isomers on human beta1-, beta2-, and beta3-AR(More)
The beta-adrenoceptor activities of trimetoquinol (TMQ) isomers and selected derivatives were evaluated on human beta-adrenoceptor subtypes expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells. In cAMP accumulation assays, (-)-TMQ was 214-, 281-, and 776-fold more potent than (+)-TMQ at stimulating beta(1)-, beta(2)-, and beta(3)-adrenoceptor subtypes, respectively. In(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the association of pharmacy students' personal characteristics with absenteeism and academic performance. METHODS A survey instrument was distributed to first- (P1) and second-year (P2) pharmacy students to gather characteristics including employment status, travel time to school, and primary source of educational funding. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To design and implement a required student-driven research program as a capstone experience in the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum. DESIGN A research proposal in the form of a competitive grant application was required for each of 65 fourth-year students in an inaugural PharmD class at Touro College of Pharmacy in New York. The focus of(More)
A toxicological evaluation was conducted on wetland habitats created as a result of run-off from agricultural areas. These temporary wetlands were created by using drop pipes as a means of reducing erosional cutting in agricultural fields. Toxicity bioassays utilizing bacterial bioluminescence and Hyalella azteca were used to assess sediment pore water and(More)
Trimetoquinol (TMQ, 7) is a potent nonselective beta-adrenoceptor (AR) agonist. Replacement of the catechol moiety of TMQ with a 2-aminothiazole group resulted in novel thiazolopyridine derivatives 9-11 which have been synthesized and evaluated for biological activity on human beta1-, beta2-, and beta3-AR. The Bischler-Napieralski reaction has been employed(More)
Sedentary behavior has emerged as an independent cardiovascular disease risk factor. Uncertainty exists about the behaviors of statin users, who may exhibit either a healthy adherer or a false reassurance effect. We conducted this study in order to assess and compare TV viewing among statin users and nonusers. We used data from a cross-sectional study of(More)
Trimetoquinol (1, TMQ) is a potent nonselective beta-adrenergic receptor (AR) agonist and a thromboxane A(2)/prostaglandin endoperoxide (TP) receptor antagonist, while 3',5'-diiodo-TMQ (2) exhibits beta(3)-AR selectivity. In search of selective beta(3)-AR agonists as potential drugs for the treatment of human obesity and type II diabetes mellitus, a series(More)
beta-Adrenoceptors are G-protein linked receptors that are positively coupled to adenylyl cyclase. We wanted to develop an alternative method to the detection of cAMP using radioimmunoassay for functional analysis of ligands for human beta-adrenoceptors (ARs). Chinese hamster ovary cells that stably expressed the beta 2-AR were transiently transfected with(More)
BACKGROUND Hypercholesterolemia treatment guidelines emphasize an adequate whole grains (WG) intake, alone or complementary to pharmacological treatment. We conducted this study to compare the prevalence of adequate WG intake and levels of blood lipids according to the statin/WG intake status. METHODS This cross-sectional analysis of a community-based(More)
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