Sandeep S. Kulkarni

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Reprogramming of sensor networks is an important and challenging problem as it is often desirable to reprogram the sensors in place. In this paper, we propose a multihop reprogramming service designed for Mica-2 motes. One of the problems in reprogramming is the issue of message collision. To reduce the problem of collision, we propose a sender selection(More)
Intrusion detection is a surveillance problem of practical import that is well suited to wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we study the application of sensor networks to the intrusion detection problem and the related problems of classifying and tracking targets. Our approach is based on a dense, distributed, wireless network of multi-modal(More)
The concept of multitolerance abstracts problems in system dependability and provides a basis for improved design of dependable systems. In the abstraction, each source of undependability in the system is represented as a class of faults, and the corresponding ability of the system to deal with that undependability source is represented as a type of(More)
Project ExScal (for extreme scale) fielded a 1000+ node wireless sensor network and a 200+ node peer-to-peer ad hoc network of 802.11 devices in a 13km by 300m remote area in Florida, USA during December 2004. In comparison with previous deployments, the ExScal application is relatively complex and its networks are the largest ones of either type fielded to(More)
Masking fault-tolerance guarantees that programs continually satisfy their specii-cation in the presence of faults. By way of contrast, nonmasking fault-tolerance does not guarantee as much: it merely guarantees that when faults stop occurring, program executions converge to states from where programs continually (re)satisfy their speciication. We present(More)
Sensors networks are often constrained by limited power and limited communication range. If a sensor receives two messages simultaneously then they collide and both messages become incomprehensible. In this paper, we present a simple time division multiple access (TDMA) algorithms for assigning time slots to sensors and show that it provides a significant(More)