Sandeep Rao

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Oxymatrine is one of the alkaloids extracted from Chinese herb Sophora japonica (Sophora flavescens Ait.) with activities of anti-inflammation, inhibiting immune reaction, antivirus, protecting hepatocytes and antihepatic fibrosis. However, the effect of oxymatrine on acute lung injury (ALI) has not been known yet. In this study, the effect of oxymatrine on(More)
Mucopolysaccharidosis-IIIB or Sanfilippo-B syndrome is caused by deficiency of lysosomal α-N-acetylglucosaminidase that leads to accumulation of heparan-sulphate and degeneration of central nervous system with progressive dementia, hyperactivity, and aggressive behavior. Mucopolysaccharidosis-III remains underdiagnosed as a cause of developmental delay and(More)
PURPOSE To study the thrombotic factors, namely deficiencies of plasma proteins C, S, and antithrombin, factor V Leiden mutation, and positivity for antiphospholipid antibodies in young patients with retinal vein occlusion. METHODS The thrombophilia parameters listed above were analyzed from the laboratory records of 50 patients with the clinical(More)
– An attempt has been made to simulate the temperature distribution in prostate cancer tissue during laser ablation using finite element approach. Parameter studies have been carried out. The results have been consolidated using tool of artificial intelligence-Artificial Neural Network. Feed forward back propagation network has been used for this purpose.(More)
The effect of indomethacin on bilirubin binding to human erythrocytes at different bilirubin/albumin molar ratios varying from 0.5-3.0 was studied. Progressive addition of indomethacin produced a linear increase in erythrocyte-bound bilirubin. This increase was more pronounced up to 280 microM drug concentration at all molar ratios being maximum at higher(More)
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