Sandeep R. Patil

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An investigation was carried out by conducting a field experiment at the farm of the Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth (MPKV), Rahuri. The significant grain yield of soybean (37.5 q ha−1) and maize (49 q ha−1) were observed in the treatment receiving 100 % recommended doses of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) + in situ compost of crop residues,(More)
Mahua (Madhuca longfolia) extract and black grapes (Vitis vinifera) must samples 100:0 (grape:mahua), 95:5 (grape:mahua) and 90:10 (grape:mahua) were analyzed for quality characteristics. Samples were kept for fermentation and monitored for quality analysis for 15 days. 90:10 (grape:mahua) sample was found to be best on the basis of ranking test and(More)
A series of benzo[b][1,8]naphthyridines has been synthesized by Friedländer condensation of 2-aminoquinoline-3-carbaldehyde 1 (o-aminoaldehyde) with alicyclic ketones in basic medium. Benzonaphthyridines branched with various side-chains and substituents are prepared with the aim of being investigated as a good fluorescent material. Electronic absorption(More)
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