Sandeep R. Patil

Madhukar N. Jachak1
Ramhari V. Rote1
Riyazahamad M Shiraguppi1
Sasikanth Eda1
Bhushan P Jain1
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  • Sandeep R Patil, Riyazahamad M Shiraguppi, Bhushan P Jain, Sasikanth Eda
  • 2012
With the dramatic evolution of various greener disk and memory technologies, helped in rapid establishment of Hybrid storage environment comprising of heterogeneous storage units. In order to provide an efficient and optimised storage solution there exists a necessity of adapting smarter changes in the management stack that enables compact sensing,(More)
A series of benzo[b][1,8]naphthyridines has been synthesized by Friedländer condensation of 2-aminoquinoline-3-carbaldehyde 1 (o-aminoaldehyde) with alicyclic ketones in basic medium. Benzonaphthyridines branched with various side-chains and substituents are prepared with the aim of being investigated as a good fluorescent material. Electronic absorption(More)
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