Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan

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In this paper we describe our efforts at establishing a software workbench for video analysis, annotation, and visualization, using both current and experimental discovery methods. This project builds upon our previous research with video and image analysis, and joins the emergent field of cultural analytics in the digital humanities. Moving image media is(More)
The practice of extracting knowledge from large volumes of video data suffers from a problem of variety. Security, military, and commercial identification and retrieval are well-traveled paths for identifying very particular objects or people found in recorded footage, yet there are extremely few established technology solutions and use cases for(More)
Brown Dog is an extensible data cyberinfrastructure, that provides a set of extensible and distributed data conversion and metadata extraction services to enable access and search within unstructured, un-curated and inaccessible research data across different domains of sciences and social science, which ultimately aids in supporting reproducibility of(More)
We present Decomposing Bodies, a digital humanities project that examines the late-19th-century system of anthropometrical measurement introduced in France by Alphonse Bertillon. "Bertillonnage," as this system is commonly known, was the first measurement-based, state-controlled system used for criminal identification. Currently, researchers resort to the(More)
This paper reports on the continued work on image analysis of the Farm Security Administration -- Office of War Information Photography Collection team, supported through an XSEDE grant (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) and Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS). The team is refining existing algorithms, developing new(More)
Matching score fusion is a commonly used technique for improving the performance of biometric systems. In this paper we investigate the methods for fusing the scores obtained from matching individual video frames to a stored face template. Traditional fusion rules like sum and product does not account for the diversity of information contained in(More)
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