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ii This thesis is dedicated to my parents, and to Bharati. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I w ould like to sincerely thank two people who have been instrumental in my obtaining a Ph.D. My wife Bharati, who got me started when the inertia and apprehension of a long-term commitment seemed insurmountable, and my advisor Dr. Eugene Spaaord, for his encouragement and(More)
To obtain insight into the mechanism of transferred DNA (T-DNA) integration in a long-lived tree system, we analysed 30 transgenic aspen lines. In total, 27 right T-DNA/plant junctions, 20 left T-DNA/plant junctions, and 10 target insertions from control plants were obtained. At the right end, the T-DNA was conserved up to the cleavage site in 18 transgenic(More)
Aggregation of a biotherapeutic is of significant concern and judicious process and formulation development is required to minimize aggregate levels in the final product. Aggregation of a protein in solution is driven by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. In this work we have focused on aggregation as an intrinsic property of the molecule. We have studied the(More)
Hydrogen peroxide is most stable molecule among reactive oxygen species, which play a vital role in growth and development of plant as signaling molecule at low concentration in response to various abiotic and biotic stresses. Exogenous application of H2O2 is known to induce chilling tolerance in plants. Brassinosteroids are plant steroid hormones known for(More)
The Protein Information Resource (PIR) is an integrated public resource of protein informatics. To facilitate the sensible propagation and standardization of protein annotation and the systematic detection of annotation errors, PIR has extended its superfamily concept and developed the SuperFamily (PIRSF) classification system. Based on the evolutionary(More)
The electrostatic free energy contribution of an ion pair in a protein depends on two factors, geometrical orientation of the side-chain charged groups with respect to each other and the structural context of the ion pair in the protein. Conformers in NMR ensembles enable studies of the relationship between geometry and electrostatic strengths of ion pairs,(More)
This paper presents a cross platform multilingual multimedia Indian Sign Language (ISL) dictionary building tool. ISL is a linguistically under-investigated language with no source of well documented electronic data. Research on ISL linguistics also gets hindered due to a lack of ISL knowledge and the unavailability of any educational tools. Our system can(More)
Twenty-three released and elite genotypes of guar [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.] from different parts of India were subjected to morphological, biochemical and molecular characterization. The major objective was to study the extent of genetic variability amongst different genotypes of guar, their grouping and identification using combination of(More)
Prevalences of two phthirapteran species (an ischnoceran, Brueelia amandavae, and an amblyceran, Myrsidea amandava) on 130 Red Avadavats (Amandava amandava) were 36.2 and 20.8% in the district of Rampur, India, from September to December 2004. Sample mean abundances of the two species were 3.43 and 1.53, respectively. The frequency distribution patterns of(More)