Sandeep Kumar Shukla

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Podophyllum hexandrum, a perennial herb commonly known as the Himalayan May Apple, is well known in Indian and Chinese traditional systems of medicine. P. hexandrum has been widely used for the treatment of venereal warts, skin infections, bacterial and viral infections, and different cancers of the brain, lung and bladder. This study aimed at elucidating(More)
The study was planned to evaluate modulatory effect of aqueous extract of Piper betle leaf (PBL) on ionizing radiation mediated oxidative stress leading to normal tissues damage during radiotherapy and other radiation exposures. The total polyphenols and flavonoids known as free radical scavenger (chelators) were measured in the extract. To ascertain(More)
The design productivity gap has been recognized by the semiconductor industry as one of the major threats to the continued growth of system-on-chips and embedded systems. Ad-hoc system-level design methodologies, that lifts modeling to higher levels of abstraction, and the concept of intellectual property (IP), that promotes reuse of existing components,(More)
We lay a foundation for modeling and validation of asynchronous designs in a multi-clock synchronous programming model. This allows us to study properties of globally asynchronous systems using synchronous simulation and model-checking toolkits. Our approach can be summarized as automatic transformation of a design consisting of two asynchronously composed(More)
Dynamic Power Management or DPM refers to the problem of judicious application of various low power techniques based on runtime conditions in an embedded system to minimize the total energy consumption. To be effective, often such decisions take into account the operating conditions and the system-level design goals. DPM has been a subject of intense(More)
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