Sandeep Kumar Rajput

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The present study was aimed to detect urinary proteins excreted in kala-azar patients. Urinary proteins were isolated by ammonium sulfate precipitation and purified by Amicon ultra using 3 kDa cutoff membrane device. The proteins were resolved on 12 % sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and blots were developed with the patients sera.(More)
BACKGROUND We previously demonstrated embryotrophic actions of maternal (oocyte-derived) follistatin during bovine early embryogenesis. Classical actions of follistatin are attributed to inhibition of activity of growth factors including activins and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP). However, temporal changes in BMP mRNA in early bovine embryos and the(More)
Our previous studies demonstrated that maternal (oocyte derived) follistatin (FST) expression is positively associated with bovine oocyte competence and exogenous follistatin treatment during the pre-compaction period of development (d 1-3 post insemination) is stimulatory to bovine early embryogenesis in vitro [blastocyst rates and cell numbers/allocation(More)
Zinc finger (ZNF) transcription factors interact with DNA through zinc finger motifs and play important roles in a variety of cellular functions including cell growth, proliferation, development, apoptosis, and intracellular signal transduction. One-third of ZNF proteins in metazoans contain a highly conserved N-terminal motif known as the(More)
Follicular development occurs in wave like patterns in monotocous species such as cattle and humans and is regulated by a complex interaction of gonadotropins with local intrafollicular regulatory molecules. To further elucidate potential mechanisms controlling dominant follicle selection, granulosa cell RNA harvested from F1 (largest) and F2 (second(More)
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