Sandeep Kumar Jain

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A proliferation in wireless applications is growing the demand of radio spectrum which is limited as a result one of the major issues faced in wireless communication technology is spectrum scarcity. Cognitive radio (CR) solves the problem of spectrum scarcity by dynamically accessing the spectrum holes in the radio spectrum created by absence of the(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), also known as multi-carrier modulation scheme, is an attractive technology for upcoming communication system, to enhance data rate, higher spectral efficiency and better quality of service (QOS). In OFDM, first higher data stream has been divided into lower data streams and after modulation these data(More)
In this paper, a transmit power control scheme for a cognitive radio system (CRS) in a Rayleigh fading channel based on the location information of primary user is proposed. The situation where primary user (PU) i.e. licensed user share the spectrum with secondary user (SU) i.e. cognitive radio have been considered. First a mathematical model for(More)
Authors present segmentation and information combination of section of human brain images. Improved hybrid algorithm is presented for clustering, which integrates the concept of Rough sets, Fuzzy sets incorporated with probabilistic as well as possibilistic memberships. The segmented images are fused using wavelet and curvelet based techniques. Lower and(More)
The correlation between the environmental features and image features of cotton bolls is the necessary step for the pattern recognition and translate those features for machine understanding is the main challenge to distinguish mature cotton boll from immature one. Present work is tried to solve this problem using shape based features. The fuzzy based(More)
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