Sandeep Kumar Behera

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Information security has become a cause of concern because of the electronic eavesdropping. Capacity, robustness and invisibility are important parameters in information hiding and are quite difficult to achieve in a single algorithm. This paper proposes a novel steganography technique for digital color image which achieves the purported targets. The(More)
Abundance estimation of marine mammals requires matching of detection of an animal or a group of animal by two independent means. A multimodal detection model using visual and acoustic cues (surfacing and phonation) that enables abundance estimation of dolphins is proposed. The method does not require a specific time window to match the cues of both means(More)
Security has virtually become an indispensable non-functional requirement for any technology that deals with data. Traditional methods of imparting security using encryption have given away themselves long ago to cryptanalytic ventures. A different method of secure data transfer without revealing the mere existence of secret, called Steganography is a(More)
A conventional Secret key Steganography scheme focuses mainly to reduce the distortion when secret information is embedded into the cover image. On the other hand, the transmitted images may be compressed or faces transmitting errors. If such errors occur, the receiver cannot extract the correct information from the stego-image. Furthermore the three main(More)