Sandeep Kukreti

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The anatomical parameters of the thoracic and lumbar regions of the deer spine were evaluated and compared with the existing data of the human spine. The objective was to create a database for the anatomical parameters of the deer spine, with a view to establish deer spine as a valid model for human spine biomechanical experiments in vitro. To date, the(More)
Dislocation of the first carpometacarpal joint with fracture of the trapezium is a rare injury. A case that was initially missed in accident and emergency is described. La luxation de l’articulation carpo-métacarpienne du pouce avec fracture du trapèze est une lesion rare. Un cas non diagnostiqué initialement après un accident vu en urgence est rapporté.
The object of this study was to create a database for the biomechanical and certain functional anatomical parameters of the deer spine, for comparison with the human spine. This was done with a view toward using the deer spine as an alternative model for various biomechanical experiments, as it is difficult to procure nonembalmed, fresh human spine(More)
CYP1A1 gene is involved in estrogen metabolism, and previously, we have reported association of variant rs2606345 with altered anti-epileptic drugs (AED) response in North Indian women with epilepsy (WWE). The present study aims to replicate the pharmacogenetic association, perform functional characterization and study its distribution within ethnically(More)
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